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Boost your reliability with maintenance plans

With the remberg XRM, all your X’s maintenance plans run as reliably as a Swiss clockwork. Create maintenance-specific rules, notify your team about upcoming operations and automatically trigger new work orders with preventive maintenance software.

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The problem

Maintenance planning for hundreds of production lines, machinery or equipment is complex and cannot be managed effectively using Excel. This results in delays and maintenance backlogs that negatively impact the lifespan of your X.

  • Complicated: Maintenance planning for various Xs is either purely reactive or often performed on basis of bespoke Excel spreadsheets
  • Tedious: Increasing complexity leads to more and more maintenance effort – and unplanned downtime to chaos in planning
  • Cumbersome: Lack of integration with other processes forces your team to transfer information manually
  • Error-prone: Lack of visibility makes your maintenance planning unreliable
  • Unaware: Lack of transparency of your X’s lifecycle file makes it difficult to make data-based decisions and to optimize maintenance intervals
  • Centralized: All maintenance plans are structured in one place
  • Rule-based: Simple rules for maintenance can be created for each X with just a few clicks
  • Integrated: All maintenance plans are seamlessly integrated with other processes, making it easy to create new work orders
  • Automated: Notifications about upcoming maintenance or even the creation of entire work orders are done automatically
  • Optimized: Meaningful data on all maintenance plans allows you to identify patterns and maximize the lifespan of your X
With remberg, my maintenance and repair team quickly converted paper-based maintenance plans and checklists for our equipment into a user-friendly digital form. Each machine has a unique QR code: When you scan it, you immediately see the right manual, the next maintenance tasks, or you can add a new note or pictures to the machine's digital lifecycle file with just a few clicks. Ingo Hild Plant Manager Schwabmünchen OSRAM GmbH
With remberg, we no longer have a paper chaos in service, but a central software with which everything from the inquiry to the solution ends up in the digital lifecycle file of the respective machine with just a few clicks. The best thing is that we can invite our customers to the remberg software and thus provide them with a modern service portal in our company design. Felix Kämpfer Production Manager Stöckel Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Transparent service processes are crucial for us. With the remberg software, these processes run digitally and across all involved organisations. With remberg, our customers for example have access to digital operating manuals and digital service checkbooks. Theresa Lehner Head of Operations Open House of Energy GmbH

From reactive to preventive & proactive - how it works

No matter how extensive your maintenance schedules currently are now or will be in the future - a full range of automation features in the remberg XRM will help you stay on top of things and to free up time for more important tasks.

Centralized management of all maintenance plans

Whether for an annual inspection or the monthly maintenance of your X: Create reliable maintenance plans according to your needs. Since each maintenance plan is directly associated with the lifecycle file of your X, you can adjust and continuously optimize the plans based on meaningful data.

Maintenance plans you can rely on

Enable proactive, preventive plans through automatic reminders and ensure that no service or maintenance work order is forgotten.

Seamless integration into other processes

With the remberg XRM, everything can be planned and controlled centrally from one place. With just a few clicks, additional processes such as work orders can be triggered and are always associated with your X's digital lifecycle file.

Interfaces & APIs to connect your IT systems

No need to switch back and forth between different tools such as ERP, DMS or CRM systems. Synchronize everything that matters with the remberg XRM and transfer information via APIs or automatic CSV imports.


Highest security standards for your data

Your data and your trust are our top priority. For hosting, the remberg XRM relies on a German high-security data center that is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and meets the highest C5 standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Additional security is provided by remberg with security mechanisms such as password change cycles and 2FA.

Before the remberg XRM, we were not digital. Now we are at the point that every service employee has a tablet and can view their work orders and all relevant information digitally.
Marco Federau Project Manager Digital Service Georg Sahm GmbH
Originally, we only wanted to digitize our service reports. Now we have everything that happens in our service department centrally in the remberg XRM. That is a huge step.
Florian Kächele Head of Service and Purchasing Genkinger GmbH

More reliable and preventive maintenance planning

Your X can last for decades - as long as you have reliable maintenance plans and effective work orders. The remberg XRM has you covered and works for whatever X you have:

  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Energy Systems & Infrastructure
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Vehicles & Mobile Assets
  • Electronics & IT Assets
  • Other Assets & Things

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