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Increase productivity by 25% in Operations & Maintenance

What if you could make your Operations & Maintenance teams 25+% more efficient with AI, reduce downtime by 20+% and access your employees' knowledge of your assets at the touch of a button?

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Equip your maintenance teams with AI

Less No paperwork, clean documentation and more productivity

The Problem

In the vast majority of cases, companies that have to take care of the operation of many X=Assets & Co. have major challenges in common: assets are becoming more complex, competitive pressure is increasing and there is fewer skilled labour force available.

Die Solution

The remberg XRM is an AI-supported solution for operations and maintenance teams to solve technical issues faster, minimize asset downtimes and counteract the shortage of skilled labour force.

Receive customized AI answers in seconds

You are standing in front of a defective machine, asset or equipment. The clock is ticking, every minute of downtime is expensive. Instead of poring over thick manuals, you use the remberg AI-Copilot: you enter your question and within seconds the AI-Copilot searches through all available internal documents - manuals, maintenance logs, operating instructions - and provides you with the answer you need at the touch of a button.

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Solve tickets effieciently with AI suggestions

Does your team have to deal with lots of unplanned issues relating to assets? Let the remberg AI-Copilot pre-formulate drafts for tickets and tasks that arise so that you can resolve the issue much faster.

Let AI fill out digital forms intelligently

Operation & maintenance is documentation-intensive. This will not change in the coming years - on the contrary. With the remberg AI Copilot, you can reduce the time you need for documentation by up to 25%. Your reports are error-free, precise and detailed. This not only pleases documentation grouches in technical teams but also saves you a lot of work during an audit.

More features of the remberg XRM

AI-enabled features that bring you real benefits

AI Copilot for Operations & Maintenance

Use AI to resolve issues even faster

QR Code & Quick Access

Access important documents in seconds and open the AI chat

Maintenance Plan Icon
Maintenance Plans

For preventive maintenance planning, inspections and repairs

Wrench Icon
Work Orders

Accurate and efficient work orders for your teams

Speechbubble Icon
Tickets & Cases

Solve tickets & cases for your equipment even faster with AI

Forms Icon
Forms & Checklists

Let AI optimize and complete forms and checklists

Folder Icon
Documents & Files

Your ultimate knowledge base – find everything instantly with AI

Yellow Globe Icon
Portal & Shared Access

Self-service for partners and customers with an AI chat

Planning Board Icon
Planning Board

Plan more efficiently with a digital planning board

Connect your IT systems through Interfaces & APIs

No need to switch back and forth between different tools such as ERP, DMS or CRM systems. Synchronize everything that matters with the remberg XRM and transfer information via APIs or automatic CSV imports.

Trust in world-class data protection & IT security

Your data and your trust are our top priority. For hosting, the remberg XRM relies on a German high-security data center that is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and meets the highest C5 standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Additional security is provided by remberg with security mechanisms such as password change cycles and 2FA.

With remberg, my maintenance and repair team quickly converted paper-based maintenance plans and checklists for our equipment into a user-friendly digital form. Each machine has a unique QR code: When you scan it, you immediately see the right manual, the next maintenance tasks, or you can add a new note or pictures to the machine's digital lifecycle file with just a few clicks. Ingo Hild Plant Manager Schwabmünchen OSRAM GmbH
We previously had a bulky Excel for our operating and test equipment. We now have everything in the remberg XRM, including all recurring maintenance plans. Everything is documented seamlessly and clearly. Felix Kämpfer Plant Manager Stöckel Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

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