Manage your vehicles in one software with an AI Copilot

With the remberg XRM as fleet management software, you can achieve maximum transparency in your fleet, plan your maintenance reliably and proactively, and create more efficiency in claims management. The integrated AI Copilot supports you with malfunctions and diagnostics, enabling direct chats with the vehicles, and accelerating the resolution of tickets.

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Use AI to resolve issues even faster

Tickets & Cases

Solve tickets & cases about your vehicles even faster with AI

Planning Board

Plan more efficiently with a digital planning board

Forms & Checklists

Let AI optimize and complete forms and checklists

Documents & Files

Your ultimate knowledge base – find everything instantly with AI

QR Code & Quick Access

Access important documents in seconds and open the AI chat

Portal & Shared Access

Self-service for partners and customers through an AI chat

Tasks & To-Do Lists

Clear and transparent tasks and to-do-lists for better collaboration

We went live with the remberg XRM ticketing after 2 weeks with over 30 users and have been managing over 10,000 vehicles since then. That's speed and we have very good transparency for all service cases thanks to remberg! Klaus Danner Head of After Sales Service / Customer Service DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH
Klaus Danner

Manage the entire vehicle’s entire lifecylce in one solution - how it works

Better utilization, higher availability and longer lifespan
with AI-supported fleet management software.

Get a 360° overview of your vehicles & mobile assets

Whether you are a fleet manager or fleet manager responsible for managing a functional fleet, a rental fleet or agricultural or construction machinery: with the remberg XRM, you will receive a digital CV file for each of your vehicles or mobile assets. All relevant activities and processes are recorded here. This continuous documentation in combination with AI support makes wear transparent, maintenance reliably managed and avoids unnecessary downtime.

Keep track of all requests with AI

With tickets & cases, you can systematically manage damage and accidents – all incoming requests and damage reports are clearly recorded, no matter where they come from or who reports them. Requests are directly assigned to the respective vehicle, you can plan repairs directly and save valuable time and resources. The remberg AI Copilot summarizes long tickets and supports you with contextualised email drafts: you have never handled tickets so quickly and confidently!

Better plan and optimize your team's workload

Organize all work orders in a central and transparent planning board: Whether it is an upcoming inspection, maintenance, or repair. Assign work orders to your team or external partners via drag & drop and optimize your workload - without Excel, paperwork, or accidental double bookings.

Create and use digital forms and checklists

With the remberg XRM, tedious paper documentation is a thing of the past. Whether DGUV or UVV checklists, vehicle handover or damage reports – everything is digitized and adapted to your individual company design. Drivers can also fill out the documents securely and conveniently on the go using their smartphone or tablet with the help of the remberg AI Copilot and everything is automatically stored and linked to your vehicle or mobile asset.

Connect vehicles & mobile assets with QR-Codes

With the integrated app, drivers can easily work through checklists before starting a journey and on site, and send information to the fleet manager in real time. After the journey, protocols are simply filled out - supported by the remberg AI Copilot, which ensures that all relevant information is always available. The best thing is that all documents are automatically linked to the vehicle, can be easily accessed via a QR code and are stored centrally in the digital CV file.

Connect your systems with interfaces & APIs

No need to switch back and forth between different tools such as ERP, DMS or CRM systems. Synchronize everything that matters with the remberg XRM and transfer information via APIs or automatic CSV imports.


Trust in world-class data protection & IT security

Your data and your trust are our top priority. For hosting, the remberg XRM relies on a German high-security data center that is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and meets the highest C5 standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Additional security is provided by remberg with security mechanisms such as password change cycles and 2FA.

Before the remberg XRM, we were not digital. Now we are at the point that every service employee has a tablet and can view their work orders and all relevant information digitally.
Marco Federau Project Manager Digital Service Georg Sahm GmbH
Originally, we only wanted to digitize our service reports. Now we have everything that happens in our service department centrally in the remberg XRM. That is a huge step.
Florian Kächele Head of Service and Purchasing Genkinger GmbH

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Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet management software is special software that supports you in the efficient management and optimization of your fleet. Such software solutions offer comprehensive functions that enable fleet managers to track and control the entire life cycle of their vehicles. From vehicle allocation and route planning to cost control and driver monitoring, fleet management software is at the heart of modern fleet management.

Tasks in fleet management

Support with fleet management tasks

For many fleet managers who previously juggled with paper files and Excel spreadsheets, fleet management software makes their work much easier. After all, the daily tasks involved in fleet management are often tedious and time-consuming: vehicle deployments have to be recorded manually, routes planned, drivers coordinated and costs monitored. The process is error-prone and time-consuming. Handling paper files and maintaining various Excel spreadsheets is not efficient enough to meet the constantly growing demands of modern fleet management.

Fleet management software – work more easily

Fleet management software makes your day-to-day work as a fleet manager much easier. Instead of tedious manual data entry and confusing Excel spreadsheets, you have all the relevant information about your vehicles and drivers at a glance. The software takes on the complexity of vehicle management and offers you a user-friendly interface that is tailored specifically to your needs. From assigning vehicles to jobs to monitoring driver activities – the fleet management software allows you to complete your tasks faster, more efficiently and error-free.

Who benefits from fleet management software

Fleet management software offers numerous advantages for various stakeholders within a company:

Fleet managers and management:

  • Maintain an overview of the vehicle fleet.
  • Make effective decisions to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Get detailed insights into fleet performance for informed business decisions.

Accounting and administration:

  • Always have a full overview of fleet costs and expenses.
  • Can manage invoices and statements more easily.


  • Benefit from better organization of work processes.
  • Can concentrate on the actual tasks without the hassle of administrative work.
  • Have improved working conditions through clear communication and instructions.


Overall, everyone involved benefits from fleet management software, as it increases efficiency, lowers costs and reduces the workload.

Cost management with fleet management software

Cost management is a key aspect of fleet management, and fleet management software offers powerful features to efficiently manage and control costs. With this software, fleet managers can centrally record, analyze and monitor all cost-related data.

This includes not only direct expenses such as fuel and maintenance costs, but also indirect costs such as insurance premiums and taxes. By integrating fuel cards and automating billing processes, the software enables precise tracking of expenses and helps to identify outliers such as recurring defective vehicles and take corrective measures. 

Thanks to detailed reports and analyses, fleet managers can make informed decisions to optimize costs and keep the budget under control. 

In short, fleet management software offers a comprehensive solution for efficient cost management that helps your company achieve financial and strategic goals.

Planning tasks with fleet management software

The planning tasks in fleet management cover a variety of aspects such as maintenance, servicing or inspection. Fleet management software offers an efficient solution for systematically planning and carrying out these tasks.

Maintenance planning:

software allows you to create detailed maintenance schedules for each vehicle in the fleet. This means that regular maintenance work can be planned and carried out in good time to keep the vehicles in optimum condition and minimize unexpected breakdowns.

Maintenance management:

The fleet management software can also be used to efficiently coordinate maintenance tasks. Defects or damage to vehicles can be quickly recorded and priorities set for repairs. This ensures that all vehicles are always ready for use and increases the availability of your fleet.

Inspections and safety checks:

Software also supports the planning and execution of legally required regular inspections and safety checks. Appointments for main inspections, vehicle checks and other safety checks can be easily managed and monitored to ensure the safety and compliance of the fleet.

Overall, fleet management software makes it much easier to plan and carry out maintenance, servicing and inspection tasks. By systematically organizing these tasks, companies can reduce costs, maximize uptime and ensure the safety of their vehicle fleet.

Important functions of fleet management software

Modern fleet management software offers a wide range of functions that make the day-to-day work of fleet managers easier and more efficient. 

Here is an overview of the most important functions:

Automated vehicle management: The software automates many vehicle management tasks, such as assigning vehicles to orders and route planning. This speeds up work processes and minimizes errors.

Automated data acquisition: Automated data collection eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data entry, which not only saves time but also reduces the susceptibility to errors. All relevant data is recorded automatically and stored centrally in the software.

Fuel accounting and emissions control: The software enables accurate billing of fuel costs and precise recording of emissions data. This enables companies to improve their environmental footprint and better control the costs associated with fuel consumption.

Automation and time savings: By automating many work processes, fleet managers save valuable time that they can use for more important tasks. The software takes over repetitive tasks and allows managers to focus on strategic decisions.

Centralization of data: All relevant data such as damage, vehicle and driver files are stored and merged centrally in the software. This gives fleet managers a comprehensive overview of all aspects of their fleet and enables them to make informed decisions.

Overall, these functions offer enormous added value for companies by reducing workload, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Modern fleet management software is an indispensable tool for any company with a fleet of vehicles.

Advantages of fleet management software

The use of fleet management software offers a number of advantages: 

Networked and digital fleet management: By using fleet management software, companies can digitally network and optimize their fleet activities. Data is recorded and analyzed in real time, enabling better control and monitoring of the fleet.

Save money and make outliers transparent: The software helps companies to reduce costs by identifying outliers in the fleet and making them transparent. Detailed cost analyses and reports enable companies to identify and exploit potential savings.

Increased efficiency and time savings: The elimination of paper files and manual administrative tasks means considerable time savings for fleet management employees. They can concentrate on more important tasks and have more time for other strategic activities.

More security: By monitoring vehicles in real time and complying with safety standards, companies can increase the safety of their fleet and their employees. The software enables a faster response to emergencies and accidents.

Cost reduction: By managing and monitoring the fleet centrally, companies can reduce their costs by optimizing operating costs and avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

Improved availability and capacity utilization: By planning and using vehicles more efficiently, companies can improve the availability and utilization of their fleet. This leads to better use of resources and an increase in productivity.

Overall, fleet management software offers a variety of benefits that help companies to manage their fleet more efficiently, reduce costs and increase safety.

The remberg XRM as fleet management software

The remberg XRM can be freely configured as fleet management software and is easy to use for all employees thanks to its user-friendly interface. 

The remberg XRM can be used for all types of vehicles and fleets: 

  • Company car
  • Vans and delivery vans
  • Trucks and commercial vehicles
  • Passenger cars and car fleets
  • Agricultural and construction machinery
  • Commercial vehicles in public transport
  • Fleets of delivery vehicles
  • Bicycles and e-bikes for delivery services
  • Cranes, lift trucks

Fleet management functions in remberg XRM

Digital vehicle file and digital logbook: The remberg XRM offers a digital vehicle file and a digital logbook, to digitally record and manage all information on vehicles and journeys.

Digital key management: With digital key management, vehicle keys can be managed easily and securely to control and monitor access to vehicles.

Dashboards and analyses: The remberg XRM offers user-friendly dashboards and analyses, to make processes transparent and optimize them. This gives you detailed insights into your fleet activities and allows you to make informed decisions based on this data.

Planning board for capacity planning: A planning board enables you to optimize capacity and resource planning of vehicles and drivers in order to use resources efficiently and avoid bottlenecks.

Maintenance plans and inspections: With remberg XRM you can easily plan maintenance, repairs and inspections so that no more important appointments are forgotten.

Integrated spare parts: Spare parts are integrated directly into your planning, to ensure that maintenance and repair work runs smoothly. You can also integrate the parts directly into digital forms such as service reports and maintenance logs, significantly reducing typing errors and increasing data quality.

Digital forms and checklists: The remberg XRM provides digital forms and checklists, so that your drivers can fill them out on the road. This simplifies and speeds up bureaucratic processes.

All in all, remberg XRM offers a comprehensive fleet management solution that helps you to efficiently manage and optimize your fleet.


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