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Your teams and customers expect fast response times when it comes to troubleshooting and maintaining servers, storage or networks. The remberg AI Copilot supports you throughout the entire IT lifecycle, provides assistance with technical questions and helps you to respond to tickets faster and more reliable than before.

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Customers with X = Electronics & IT Assets

AI Copilot for X = Server & Co.

Use AI to resolve issues even faster

QR Codes & Quick Access

Access important documents in seconds and open the AI chat

Tickets & Cases

Solve tickets & cases even faster with AI

Work Orders

Accurate and efficient work orders for your teams

Planning Board

Plan more efficiently with a digital planning board

Maintenance Plans

For preventive maintenance planning, inspections and repairs

Forms & Checklists

Let AI optimize and complete protocols and reports

Documents & Files

Your ultimate knowledge base – find everything instantly with AI

Portal & Shared Access

Self-service for partners and customers with an AI chat

Tasks & To-Do-Lists

Clear and transparent tasks and to-do-lists for better collaboration

The remberg XRM offers us a comprehensive representation of all our printing and labeling systems. This enables us to create a structured case management system and increase the transparency of service processes for our customers. Furthermore, the solution also enables us to work seamlessly with our partner companies. Simple, transparent and fast. Melina Riedmaier Head of Strategy Elried Markierungssysteme GmbH

Modern & efficient IT maintenance software for IT infrastructure - how it works

remberg XRM unifies all processes in service and maintenance and integrates them seamlessly with your electronics & IT assets.

Get a 360° view over electronics & IT assets

Centralized, seamless and standardized: Get a 360° view of your IT assets – easily imported from your ERP or other systems. In the respective lifecycle file, you can see all relevant activities and processes at a glance. AI support helps you solve technical issues even faster and find the right answers to even the most difficult cases.

Connect your IT-Assets with QR-Codes

Embrace mobile-first: QR codes give users instant access to all information and documents related to the respective IT asset, including AI chat. Whether it's an internal team or external partners, customized rights and roles ensure that everyone sees exactly what they are authorized to see.

Keep track of all requests

With Tickets & Cases, all incoming requests are clearly recorded, no matter where they come from or who reports them. Tickets can be opened automatically from various sources, e.g. by e-mail. Has the ticket been updated? Your users will be automatically informed. The remberg AI Copilot supports you with contextualised drafted emails and enables you to significantly reduce resolution times.

Better plan and optimize your team's workload

In a central planning board, you plan all work orders smoothly, assign work orders to your team simply by drag & drop and optimize your workload - without Excel, paperwork and accidental double bookings.


Create and use digital forms and checklists

With remberg XRM, you not only digitize every form or protocol that was previously in Excel or on paper, but also link it to the corresponding IT asset with a single click. Thus, you can provide your team with everything they need on the move. Your team can also fill out forms offline, whether it's a digital service report or a maintenance log. Online, they can access the remberg AI Copilot, which writes detailed reports from just a few bullet points.

Connect your systems with interfaces & APIs

No need to switch back and forth between different tools such as ERP, DMS or CRM systems. Synchronize everything that matters with the remberg XRM and transfer information via APIs or automatic CSV imports.


Trust in world-class data protection & IT security

Your data and your trust are our top priority. For hosting, the remberg XRM relies on a German high-security data center that is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and meets the highest C5 standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Additional security is provided by remberg with security mechanisms such as password change cycles and 2FA.

Before the remberg XRM, we were not digital. Now we are at the point that every service employee has a tablet and can view their work orders and all relevant information digitally.
Marco Federau Project Manager Digital Service Georg Sahm GmbH
Originally, we only wanted to digitize our service reports. Now we have everything that happens in our service department centrally in the remberg XRM. That is a huge step.
Florian Kächele Head of Service and Purchasing Genkinger GmbH

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