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The remberg XRM software helps organizations to become a digital champion around their X in service, installation, maintenance & repair.

What is your X?

Machinery & Equipment

Energy Systems & Utilities

Buildings & Facilities

Vehicles & Mobile Assets

Electronics & IT Assets

Digital Champions 🏆 with the remberg XRM:

What is the remberg XRM?

The remberg XRM in 2 minutes:

Important X, such as machines, equipment, devices, vehicles, and buildings, keep a wide variety of sectors and industries up and running. Yet many organizations today still use Excel, paper, and outdated systems to manage those X.

With the remberg XRM, you put your X at the core and digitize all surrounding processes in service, maintenance, repair & many more in one solution.

This increases your productivity and makes a significant contribution to the success of your organization.

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XRM 360 Cloud

With remberg XRM 360 Cloud, you keep track of your X throughout its lifecycle by bringing together all processes, information, and activities.

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XRM Service Cloud

The remberg XRM Service Cloud includes powerful features that help your teams in helpdesk, field service and e.g. installation, or commissioning to deliver service excellence.

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XRM Maintenance Cloud

Become a proactive problem solver in maintenance and repair with the remberg XRM Maintenance Cloud. Use structured maintenance planning, precise work orders, and digital forms and checklists.

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XRM Facility Cloud

The XRM Facility Cloud extends the lifespan of your equipment in buildings, facilities, and more. Respond to failures at lightning speed and keep track of all upcoming checks and inspections.

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Only with the remberg XRM ...

No buzzwords

Predictive maintenance, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the like are great, but we prefer to pick you up where you and your team stand with digitization today.

No hidden costs

Eliminate escalating setup or implementation costs and save on man-days spent with IT houses that come calling for every change.

No IT dead-ends

Built to sit on top of a patchwork of ERP systems and legacy IT infrastructure. Hungry for your feedback, to become the world’s best solution for your X.

Central ticket & case management with digital lifecycle files

Genkinger is a mechanical engineering organization based in Münsingen, Germany, that builds industrial trucks as custom products from scratch. “Our service business will play an increasingly important role in the future, as our machines are in use for decades,” says Richard Ludwig, Managing Director.

The 360° view over all machinery & equipment

Georg Sahm is a global organization that is a world leader in precision winding machines. The expectation of the organization is clear – delivering consistent and high-quality service. To achieve this, having comprehensive and fast access to all machine and system data at all times is crucial.

You are 2 clicks away from becoming a digital champion around your X

In our initial meeting we will ask you about your challenges, which will help us to determine how the remberg XRM can best help you to future-proof your organization.

✓ No strings attached
✓ Answers to all your questions
✓ Presentation of the remberg XRM features

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