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Centralized service processes, a complete view of your X's lifecycle and a team that resolves tickets more efficiently. Everyone is happy - and you have more time to grow your service business.

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X = Assets, Equipment & more

Everything around your X in a digital lifecycle file

Tickets & Cases

Handle all cases & tickets in one central ticketing system

Planning Board

Plan more efficiently with a digital planning board

Forms & Checklists

Free your team from tedious paperwork with digital forms

Documents & Files

The central library for all your files and documents around your X

QR Code & Quick Access

Access all documents & data of your X within seconds

Portal & Shared Access

Become the digital champion of your value chain

With remberg, we no longer have a paper chaos in service, but a central software with which everything from the inquiry to the solution ends up in the digital lifecycle file of the respective machine with just a few clicks. The best thing is that we can invite our customers to the remberg software and thus provide them with a modern service portal in our company design. Felix Kämpfer Production Manager Stöckel Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
With remberg XRM, we have all our service processes in one solution. We previously had disjointed legacy systems from ticketing to the planning board. Now we also provide our customers a modern service portal. Juri Biegler Head of Service / Service Manager OEST Mineralölwerk GmbH & Co. KG

Keep track of all service processes for your X - how it works

Solve problems faster, communicate more efficiently and create an excellent customer experience - from installation & commissioning, cases & tickets to work order planning of your field service.

The 360° view of your X - standardized and centralized

Get a 360° view of every X - simply imported from your ERP. In the remberg XRM, you can see at a glance which X is in use by your partners and whether maintenance is due. This makes it easier than ever to meet deadlines and provide a service that exceeds all expectations.

An integrated ticketing system for every case

Tickets are piling up? From now on, that's a thing of the past. Categorize all incoming tickets, assign them to the right contact person with just one click and assign them to your X. This way, your team has direct access to all relevant information and you can focus on the important things in service.


Digital planning board for field service and work orders

In a digital planning board, you can plan all work orders, assign them to your team via drag & drop and optimize your workload - without Excel, paperwork and accidental double bookings.

Digital reports and checklists - associated directly with your X

With the remberg XRM, you not only digitize every form or report that was previously in Excel or on paper, but also assign it to the corresponding X with one click. This makes all forms, checklists and service reports available to your team offline and on mobile devices - whether via smartphone or tablet.

Your service portal for the integration of external partners

Knowledge database, customer portal and service catalog all in one: Within the portal, your team and external partners can find what they need faster than ever - without your help and in your own corporate design. By letting your partners help themselves, you reduce the number of tickets - and you free up time for more important tasks.

Interfaces & APIs to connect your IT systems

No need to switch back and forth between different tools such as ERP, DMS or CRM systems. Synchronize everything that matters with the remberg XRM and transfer information via APIs or automatic CSV imports.


Highest security standards for your data

Your data and your trust are our top priority. For hosting, the remberg XRM relies on a German high-security data center that is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and meets the highest C5 standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Additional security is provided by remberg with security mechanisms such as password change cycles and 2FA.

Before the remberg XRM, we were not digital. Now we are at the point that every service employee has a tablet and can view their work orders and all relevant information digitally.
Marco Federau Project Manager Digital Service Georg Sahm GmbH
Originally, we only wanted to digitize our service reports. Now we have everything that happens in our service department centrally in the remberg XRM. That is a huge step.
Florian Kächele Head of Service and Purchasing Genkinger GmbH

Service as a sales driver: More efficiency and satisfied customers

Whether your X is a machine or an equipment, the remberg XRM is designed with the flexibility to capture exactly the information you and your team need around your X in digital lifecycle files:

  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Energy Systems & Infrastructure
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Vehicles & Mobile Assets
  • Electronics & IT Assets
  • Other Assets & Things

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Field Service Software

remberg XRM is a user-friendly and intuitive field service software for service technicians and work order management. With remberg XRM, service assignments can be organized more efficiently, valuable time can be saved and a clear overview of all ongoing activities and processes can be guaranteed. The software not only enables the optimization of internal processes, but also promotes customer service and customer loyalty through an integrated service portal, which facilitates the expansion and improvement of services.


Questions and answers about the field service remberg XRM

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the use, functions and benefits of remberg XRM. 

Acceptance and use

How can the mobile app be used by technicians who are perhaps not so mobile-savvy?

The remberg XRM app is designed to be particularly user-friendly, making it easy to integrate into everyday working life. The time savings and extensive support for data entry, such as predefined selections and automatic text filling, promote acceptance even among less tech-savvy users.

How does the software support our technicians in diagnosing and solving problems on site?

The remberg XRM provides digital lifecycle files for assets, machinery & equipment, access to technical documentation and step-by-step work orders for planned maintenance. Diese Hilfsmittel erleichtern die Diagnose und Problemlösung direkt vor Ort.

How do you ensure that technicians can access all the necessary information even without internet access?

The remberg XRM app can also be used completely offline. All data is synchronized automatically and in the background as soon as an internet connection is available again.

Process optimization

Can you give specific examples of how your software has helped to reduce the turnaround time for service orders?

The remberg XRM optimizes various process steps in service: from incoming orders to a centralized ticketing to the creation of digital work orders and faster diagnosis through access to digital lifecycle files and technical documentation. Finally service reports are digitally created and send out.

Are there analysis tools for evaluating service data?

Yes, remberg XRM collects data from various sources and provides dashboards for easy analysis and evaluation for process and service optimization.

How does remberg XRM contribute to the quality assurance of services?

The software increases the transparency and process reliability of all services from order entry to execution, which increases customer satisfaction.

Documentation and efficiency

How does the software support our technicians in documenting their work and communicating with customer service?

Technicians can access data, documents and checklists on the move and store photos, videos or voice notes in the digital lifecycle file. This reduces the documentation effort and enables immediate communication with customer service.

Are there functions in the software that aim to reduce common errors or misunderstandings in the field?

The improved flow of information and the elimination of manual data entry minimize misunderstandings and sources of error.

How does remberg XRM handle large volumes of technical data and documentation, and how is it ensured that it is always up to date?

Data and documents are stored centrally, with easy accessibility and updating options. Version control ensures transparency regarding changes and responsibilities.

Data management and access

How is customer data accessed on site?

Access is via special, secure mobile apps, with encrypted data transmission and authentication of technicians. Access rights are role-based and precisely defined.


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