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Use Case: Service
Type of X: Energy Systems & Utilities

Stadtwerke Olching is a municipal utility company northwest of Munich that focuses on district heating, charging stations for electric vehicles and photovoltaic systems. As a subsidiary of the town of Olching, Stadtwerke Olching promotes climate protection locally and offers access to a large charging network of public charging stations. In addition, the establishment of a charging system in underground car parks is being promoted through the installation of wall boxes.

The challenge

Lost customer inquiries due to paperwork

Like many companies, Stadtwerke Olching was faced with the challenge of making the overview and management of fault reports and maintenance of its diverse systems, such as district heating supply systems, charging stations for electric vehicles and PV systems, more efficient. Outdated methods such as the use of Excel spreadsheets and paper forms led to inefficiencies, lost customer inquiries and made maintenance and deployment planning more difficult.

The technical team and Head of Technology Division Fridolin Felsche had been looking for a solution to these problems for some time. An article in the Handelsblatt newspaper drew their attention to remberg - and it came at just the right time. The team found itself faced with the challenges described above, looked closely at remberg and also compared other solutions in order to finally modernize customer service processes.

We work more efficiently as a team because we have a better overview of our systems and processes. We have also been able to say goodbye to Excel and paperwork. By recording and comprehensibly documenting customer inquiries, our customer service has become simpler, faster and better. Fridolin Felsche Head of Technology Division Stadtwerke Olching GmbH

The decision

Everything centralized and seamlessly connected

The decision in favor of the remberg XRM was quickly made. The decisive factors were the comprehensive functionality of the software and the ability to address various challenges in one integrated system. Instead of having to procure, manage and implement a large number of different solutions for request management, maintenance planning and work orders individually, remberg XRM covers all service and maintenance processes in a single solution.

Stadtwerke Olching also tackled the other implementation steps quickly: After importing the master data via interfaces and CSV imports, it only took a few weeks until the team was completely live and had also converted all internal processes.

The switch was not only easy for the "digital natives", but also for the older colleagues - most of all because the user-friendliness was excellent, in contrast to some older software solutions. Even initially critical voices in the team were quickly won over, as work organization has become noticeably more efficient. All information is now visible to everyone, the team has to coordinate less and everyone knows what is currently pending - even if someone is on vacation.

The result

Customer satisfaction at a consistently high level

The introduction of remberg XRM at Stadtwerke Olching has brought significant changes. Fridolin Felsche describes the equipment overview and inventory management as one of the most important improvements: "With remberg XRM, we have a clear, digital overview of every equipment in the areas of district heating, charging stations and, in future, photovoltaics." The introduction of digital lifecycle files for each system has given the company a complete overview and better control over its systems.

On the subject of tickets and incident reports, Felsche explains: "When an email is received, a new ticket is automatically created in remberg XRM, which we can link directly to the corresponding system information. This innovation considerably simplifies the processing of customer inquiries and ensures that no inquiry is lost."

Maintenance and deployment planning has also been streamlined with remberg XRM. Fridolin Felsche describes the increase in efficiency as follows: "In the remberg solution, we have all maintenance plans in one place and seamlessly linked to the other processes." This enables an efficient distribution of tasks and optimizes the use of human resources.

The gained remberg XRM advantages

360° Overview

Digital lifecycle files
for energy systems & utilities

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Centralized requests

An integrated ticket system
for reliable service

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Forms & checklists

Digital checklists and logs with mobile functionality


Setting new standards in customer service with digital transformation

Finally, Fridolin Felsche emphasizes the importance of digital checklists and forms: "We have digitized important forms that used to be on paper and stored them centrally in the software, such as acceptance reports for charging points and district heating house connections or reports on changes to system parameters. Once the work is done, our colleagues in the technical department simply send their feedback directly via smartphone or tablet while on the move."

These improvements have optimized the internal work organization and contributed significantly to increasing customer satisfaction. Felsche summarizes: "We work more efficiently as a team because we have a better overview of our systems and processes. We have also been able to say goodbye to Excel and paperwork. We are very satisfied with our decision. The recording and traceable documentation of customer inquiries has made our customer service easier, faster and better."

The vision and outlook

Fridolin Felsche also knows that the energy transition is a marathon and not a sprint. He believes that Stadtwerke Olching and his team are well prepared, not least thanks to the easy configurability of remberg XRM. "As a growing company with increasing challenges, we appreciate the ability to independently add new service and system types to the system and configure it according to our requirements."

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