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Central request management and digital service

Use case: Service
Type of X: Vehicles & mobile assets

About the company: DOLL Fahrzeugbau is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of transport vehicles for timber transport and heavy haulage as well as for the airport equipment and defense sectors. Today, around 20,000 DOLL vehicles are in use by customers worldwide, supported by around 20 service employees.

The challenge

Lack of clarity
and reactive service

When Klaus Danner took over as Head of After Sales Service/Customer Service at DOLL in 2017, he and his team of 20 employees were faced with a number of challenges. One key problem area was inquiry management.

The customer service department received around 100 calls and over 250 e-mails every day - that's a projected 20,000 calls and 40,000 e-mails per year. With an average processing time of 15 minutes per inquiry and an average hourly rate of EUR 60 for service staff in the helpdesk and back office, this resulted in annual costs of around EUR 600,000. Many customer contacts revolved around smaller inquiries, such as requests for brake, hydraulic or electrical diagrams. However, these supposedly simple customer contacts added up and put a strain on the team, which should actually be concentrating on more complex technical problems and upselling new services. On the other hand, there were inquiries that, for various reasons, took a long time to process before they could be completed. It was almost impossible to keep track of this without an appropriate system. Another challenge was vacation cover within the team.

There was no central filing system for inquiries, which made it difficult to maintain an overview and led to a personalized distribution of knowledge. The result was an enormous internal communication effort when requests had to be escalated and other parties had to be involved in solving the problem. The result was that customer satisfaction suffered as a result. Overall, there was therefore enormous potential for improvement in DOLL's after-sales service processes, which was to be addressed by digitizing the various processes.

After 2 weeks, we were live with over 30 users in the remberg XRM Service Cloud and have been managing over 10,000 vehicles since then - that's what I call speed. Klaus Danner Head of After Sales Service / Customer Service DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH
Klaus Danner

The decision

Full overview, transparency
and evaluability

After careful consideration and weighing up all the options, Klaus Danner decided to implement the remberg XRM. In a workshop with the DOLL team, remberg identified the existing problems in customer service and jointly developed a plan to optimize the processes. A key step was the introduction of a central inquiry management system, which was implemented within a few weeks.

Klaus Danner was delighted: "After 2 weeks, we were live with over 30 users in remberg XRM ticketing and have been managing over 10,000 vehicles since then - that's what I call speed."

Gained remberg XRM advantages

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Centralized cases

Centralized cases
for reliable service

360° Overview

Digital lifecycle files
for vehicles & mobile assets

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Serviceportal für customers
für information and cases

The result

How the remberg XRM
supports DOLL

The many different mailboxes, such as those for customer support, spare parts orders or warranty cases, were linked to remberg XRM. Since then, all incoming inquiries have been automatically transferred to a standardized and centralized ticketing system. This not only gives all DOLL employees greater transparency regarding all tasks, but also means they can rely on complete traceability of all customer inquiries.

Last but not least, collaboration within the team has also been simplified: Within remberg XRM, the helpdesk employees use task and to-do lists that make the use of notepads completely superfluous. "That seems to have been the missing step to get me away from paper completely!" - said one of the DOLL service representatives who uses remberg XRM on a daily basis. Another important point was the introduction of a self-service portal for customers. Customers can use the XRM portal to create inquiries or retrieve documents such as operating instructions for DOLL vehicles directly, which further reduces the workload for the service team and increases efficiency.

Overall, the introduction of central request management with e-mail integration and modern collaboration tools of the remberg XRM was decisive for increasing productivity in almost all areas of DOLL customer service - and thus also for the long-term success of the entire company: "With the remberg XRM, we finally have transparency about all our service cases," says Klaus Danner proudly.

The outlook and the vision

Klaus Danner from DOLL sees his team as pioneers of a new digital future - and it looks very promising: With the steps taken so far and the strong focus on technological innovations in both vehicles and internal processes, the long-established company is better positioned than ever before.

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