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Knuspr's secret to success: automation and preventive maintenance

Use Case: Maintenance
Type of X: Machines & Equipment

About the company: When it comes to asserting itself in the highly competitive online grocery market, Knuspr places a strong focus on automation and innovative technologies. As part of the Rohlik Group, Europe's technology leader in e-wholesaling, Knuspr is the brand for the German market and is already an established player in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Around 60,000 orders per month are efficiently processed at each location with the help of state-of-the-art AutoStores, a highly automated storage and retrieval system.

The Challenge

Critical automation technology

When you enter a Knuspr logistics hall, for example in Garching near Munich, there is a hustle and bustle: People in colorful safety vests. Colors glow. Movement everywhere. The AutoStore robots in action - they move up and down, back and forth. Everything seems to be wildly mixed up, but is perfectly synchronized, automated, and precise. The goal that unites man and machine: every delivery must reach the customer in less than three hours - otherwise there is a money-back guarantee.

There are numerous AutoStore systems to look after at the four locations. Only if these masterpieces of automation technology function smoothly, Knuspr can keep its 3-hour delivery promise, guarantee customer satisfaction and keep the company profitable - in Frankfurt, the delivery time is already under 90 minutes: "The only way to remain competitive is to automate," confirms Christian Fieder, who has been Head of Maintenance at Knuspr since 2023.

The big challenge: AutoStores are among the most critical systems of all, continues Christian Fieder. "The worst thing that can happen to us is for the system to stop and processes to fail - that costs us several thousand euros per hour." That's why faults have to be recorded, prioritized and assigned to the technical team immediately. In turn, they need to know exactly where the fault is located in the 7,500 square meter hall and on the conveyor belts, which are hundreds of meters long.

In order to manage all fault reports and regular maintenance of the systems, Christian Fieder initially organized his maintenance team using a combination of Excel or Google Sheets and project management software. Tickets were marked with the help of "tags". Each "tag" or "keyword" was intended to ensure that each system or area could be found again. However, according to Christian Fieder, this was more of an improvised solution than a long-term one, as this method is prone to errors. This is because project management software does not normally offer asset management - and so you cannot see a history per asset based on the "tags".

“Before the remberg XRM, our day-to-day work was very manual," continues Fieder. "Ultimately, we used Excel and other programs to create workarounds that were neither effective, sustainable nor clear." Above all, there was no direct link to the systems, logistics areas and conveyor belts. There were repeated misunderstandings in the event of fault reports and valuable time was lost in troubleshooting.

"As with anything new, you have your reservations at first and think - a lot of work, how is that supposed to work? In the end, implementing the remberg XRM was extremely easy." Christian Fieder Head of Maintenance Knuspr (Großer Kern GmbH)

The decision

Preventive maintenance with one excel import

For Christian Fieder, who in addition to maintenance also supports the factory and construction planning of the four German Knuspr sites, it was therefore clear that new software was needed. It not only had to be intuitive, modern and flexible, but above all support Knuspr in the introduction and further development of preventive maintenance in order to further scale the company and minimize downtime.

The decision to switch from the previous project management tool to remberg XRM was therefore made quickly, and the introduction also went according to plan: "As with anything new, you initially have your reservations and think - a lot of work, how is that supposed to work? In the end, it was really easy," says Christian Fieder, describing the changeover. An Excel list with all assets was available, which could be imported into remberg XRM at the touch of a button. Since then, everything is digitally recorded and sorted hierarchically.

The gained remberg XRM advantages

QR-Codes & Quick Access

From equipment to robots -
each X is uniquely assigned

Maintenance Plan Icon
Maintenance Plans

All inspections and maintenance
- organized in one place

Speechbubble Icon
Inquiries & incidents

Measures are taken immediately
and downtime is reduced

The result

Less downtime - more turnover

Christian Fieder has taken a decisive step towards the future by digitizing several core processes in Knuspr's maintenance department. He summarizes his motivation for doing so succinctly: "There were three reasons for introducing remberg XRM: The overview of all systems and everything I have in the warehouse. This ultimately results in planned maintenance, which I have to adhere to, and of course the management of unplanned events. Thanks to the overview that the remberg XRM software gives me, we have been able to significantly reduce downtimes and system failures."

This transformation is not only noticeable in the improved processes, but can also be seen throughout the entire site: Everything in the Knuspr logistics center is peppered with QR codes - from the conveyor belt and systems to the individual robots. These make it possible to report malfunctions directly for any of the 250 employees. All without prior registration and cumbersome administration: "The moment someone opens a ticket using the QR code, I know exactly which segment and section the incident is in," explains Christian Fieder.
Finally, Christian Fieder emphasizes the versatility: "With remberg XRM, we cover everything - not only our automation technology, but also the technical building equipment such as doors, fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Everything can be mapped in a single software package. The application possibilities of the remberg XRM are so diverse - you just have to dare!"

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