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Use Case: Maintenance
Type of X: Buildings & Facilities

About the company: Where the idea of a "company bike" was once regarded as unconventional, today an established leasing and business model has developed that is appreciated by employees throughout Germany. The company JobRad is a key driver of the company bike leasing concept and has put over 1.5 million bikes on the road since it was founded in 2008. At the company headquarters in Freiburg, more than 850 employees work on the future of sustainable mobility on an area of around 15,000 square meters.

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The Challenge

When Excel is simply not enough as a tool

Jonas Kölblin has been working as a team leader in Technical Facility Management since the beginning of 2023. Together with his nine-strong team, he is responsible for the operational and strategic management of all technical and commercial facility management matters. Variety is guaranteed in the day-to-day work of Kölblin's team: Tasks include coordinating and carrying out inspection, maintenance and servicing work on over 1,000 workstations and more than 60 different facilities.

The spectrum ranges from technical building equipment to fire protection technology, green roofs, automatic doors, photovoltaic systems, groundwater heat pumps and - in typical JobRad fashion - dedicated bicycle parking spaces in the underground garage, a bicycle washing facility and changing rooms with showers for employees.

"Our extensive tasks require very precise planning and organization to ensure that no inspection, maintenance or repair is forgotten," emphasizes Kölblin. However, with Excel, OneNote and an in-house ticket system, this was not so easy to manage, Kölblin continues: "Due to the large number of different systems, devices and equipment and the associated tasks, our Excel spreadsheet, but also OneNote, got out of hand. At some point, it was simply no longer clear and the team was reluctant to work with it.

Another major obstacle was that the tasks involved were not linked to the corresponding systems or devices. "This often leads to confusion and queries," adds Kölblin. Last but not least, the obligation to document inspections and repairs was also a hurdle. Not only internally, but also externally, a lot of work was still done on paper. Especially when it came to efficiently managing external companies, it was difficult to track which maintenance and inspections were carried out and when. "At best, you get a maintenance report, but many service providers only hand in handwritten notes," says Jonas Kölblin. It quickly became clear to him that he could not be satisfied with the status quo. The company is growing from year to year and the JobRad campus is constantly being expanded with new office space.

The remberg XRM is a lightweight, user-friendly alternative to the "overloaded, bulky" CAFM solutions. Within a very short time, we have gained a 360¬į view of all buildings and our technical equipment at the JobRad Campus. Since the introduction, we have been managing all upcoming maintenance in Facility Management, can react much faster if there is a malfunction and all processes are clearly documented. Jonas K√∂lblin Teamlead Facility Management JobRad GmbH

The decision

Comprehensive functionalities - precisely tailored to JobRad requirements

To eliminate the existing chaos, Kölblin was looking for a more efficient solution for technical building management. The software had to meet several requirements:

  • Instead of several isolated systems, one single solution should cover all needs.
  • The current status of any maintenance or repair should be immediately recognizable and regular maintenance should be announced well in advance.
  • A mobile app should enable the team to work flexibly in the building and facilitate access to all work orders.
  • In addition, QR codes should support the identification and assignment of systems, devices and equipment.
  • The new software should greatly facilitate the management of articles, equipment and spare parts.

After a thorough analysis of various solutions, the JobRad team opted for remberg XRM. The decisive factors were the comprehensive functionalities, which are precisely tailored to JobRad's requirements, a high level of user-friendliness and flexibility thanks to the cloud solution.

The gained remberg XRM advantages

QR-Codes & Quick Access

From keys to PV system -
every X is clearly assigned

Maintenance Plan Icon
Maintenance Plans

All inspections and maintenance
- organized in one place

Digital forms & checklists

Checklist & forms,
fully available on mobile devices

The result

Smooth processes & clear documentation

With the introduction of remberg XRM, Jonas Kölblin and his team have revolutionized technical facility management at JobRad: All processes have been digitized, enabling uniform data collection and smooth workflows. The mobile and flexible software ensures that all information is always available on site. "Instead of reactive measures, we are now pursuing a proactive and preventative maintenance and servicing strategy," says Kölblin, explaining the decision.

remberg XRM offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of all aspects of building management at the JobRad Campus. The digitalization of the building technology ensures full transparency of all devices, systems and facilities - from keys to automatic revolving doors. Kölblin continues: "We have also significantly improved the organization and management of external service providers for maintenance and inspection. They are now assigned to the respective building systems. As a result, we have clear maintenance plans and contracts." With a wink, he adds: "In addition, remberg XRM enables efficient management of our spare parts and important consumables, such as the coffee beans in our coffee machines...".

All relevant documents and files - from invoices to key handover protocols - are stored centrally in one place. Reports and forms are now completely digitalized, as are checklists for daily rounds and maintenance logs. More than 60 maintenance plans have already been implemented and are being continuously expanded, all of which are directly linked to the corresponding devices, systems and facilities.

"The entire building management team is significantly strengthened by remberg XRM. And by making our work more efficient, we in turn support our colleagues in advancing JobRad's mission: To meaningfully integrate sustainable mobility solutions into the everyday lives of many people," concludes Jonas Kölblin.

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