remberg Product-Update:
Dashboard & Analytics for better decisions

Starting 2024, you’re gaining a new superpower: with the new Dashboard & Analytics of the remberg XRM you will always have an overview of your most important metrics in service, maintenance and repair. Find further efficiency boosters in the simplified creation of cases, the clear structure and shorter loading times of the case management as well as in additional form automations.

We look forward to a productive and successful 2024 with you!

All data at a glance: Dashboard & Analytics

With the new Dashboard & Analytics in the remberg XRM, you can make your service & maintenance processes transparent and identify opportunities for improvement in all operations and interactions around your X. From now on, you can see how many Xs you support, which ones cause the most issues, your case throughput and resolution times, task completion rates and timelines, as well as other critical key metrics. From now on, you can support your gut feeling with facts and figures when convincing others!

Your dashboards are automatically updated daily – so you can manage your organization more efficiently and share new insights with your teams and other departments anytime.

Coming soon: Better overview of cases

Coming soon, the entire case header, including the case subject, will always remain visible next to the status and save button, even when you scroll down a long conversation. For easier case handling, the status selection will be separate from the save button. Alterations of the case subject and status are saved automatically. The new tab arrangement – visible below the subject – also provides more clarity. You will find all emails and notes in the Conversations tab, Tasks in a separate tab and the changes log under Activities. This way you get an overview even faster without the need of much scrolling!

Coming soon: Create cases more easily

Did you receive a call and want to record the case quickly? Create a new case directly via a dedicated dialog without opening the case details page! Users of your portal can report their cases in no time too.

Process cases even faster thanks to shorter loading times 

To further increase your productivity in your day-to-day work, we have significantly reduced the loading times for cases, images in the case history and the PDF export. These performance improvements are particularly noticeable in large conversations and ensure fast, smooth handling. 

Fill in spare parts and contact details in forms faster

Whether you’re new to the job or prefer to focus on more important topics, you shouldn’t have to memorize hundreds of spare parts and type them into forms! The spare parts selection in forms is now seamless because it is pre-filtered to the X selected in the form. This means you only see the spare parts that relate to your current X – saving you time and ensuring you always select the correct part. 

You can now also avoid typos when automatically transferring entered contacts from the work order to associated forms. You can still add or remove contacts from the form if required. 

With these new features, your documentation will impress partners and customers with uncompromising traceability and accuracy. Enter your spare parts and contact our Customer Success Team to customize your form templates with the above-mentioned automations!

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Jump from internal emails to the corresponding form with one click

Do you or your colleagues receive lots of emails with the filled-out remberg XRM forms for postprocessing? Now you can use a link in the email to jump directly to the relevant form in your XRM. Copy or fill out form data directly in the XRM instead of working with PDF files. No more manual searching or navigation, so you can start your postprocessing immediately! 

Contact our Customer Success Team to add the new functionality to your form templates!
Did you know that you can use our Forms API to automatically retrieve and transmit form data? We have documented this interface for your IT department here.

Feel free to contact us, if you have further questions.

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