remberg XRM
AI Superpowers for Service & Maintenance

✅ 35+% faster resolution of technical issues
✅ 25+% more efficient documentation of performed work
✅ All information about your X=Assets & Co. at the touch of a button.

You don't believe us? See for yourself:

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Equip your team with superpowers in service & maintenance - how it works

In future, the full power of AI will be available to you at the touch of a button within the features of your remberg XRM.

Ask your X and the AI copilot responds.

Ask your X a question and get answers based on the associated data & documents, such as technical data sheets or operating instructions. Share the WOW effect with your team or partners.

Solve requests & tickets 50+% faster.

Complicated requests or tickets? You have to look in the documentation of the respective X = system/equipment? No more. Let the remberg XRMAI Copilot do it for you. Answers are pre-formulated with one click and you can refine them if necessary. The AI Copilot searches in your remberg workspace, including stored documents and equipment data, to solve even the most complex issues competently.

Important: You still have the last word!

Fill out forms, protocols & checklists 35+% faster.

Creating summaries of forms, protocols and checklists manually? Water under the bridge. With the remberg XRM AI Copilot, your team can create summaries based on internal data at the touch of a button. A quick check at the end and you're all set.

What happens to my data?

The remberg XRM AI Copilot is available as an optional upgrade for our customers. For more information on which technology is used and what this means for your data, please reach out to your respective remberg contact person.

Before the remberg XRM, we were not digital. Now we are at the point that every service employee has a tablet and can view their work orders and all relevant information digitally.
Marco Federau Project Manager Digital Service Georg Sahm GmbH
Originally, we only wanted to digitize our service reports. Now we have everything that happens in our service department centrally in the remberg XRM. That is a huge step.
Florian Kächele Head of Service and Purchasing Genkinger GmbH

AI + remberg XRM = Digital future for your processes

To make a quantum leap with AI, you need a solid data basis and integrated processes - and that's exactly what you get with the remberg XRM. You already benefit from the fully digital, centralized 360° view of your X in your day-to-day work - even without AI:

  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Energy Systems & Infrastructure
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Vehicles & Mobile Assets
  • Electronics & IT Assets
  • Other Assets & Things

Your X is missing?
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Activate the AI Copilot for your service & maintenance processes

In our initial meeting we will ask you about your challenges, which will help us to determine how the remberg XRM AI Copilot can best help you to future-proof your organization.

✓ Respond to requests & tickets 50+% faster
✓ Fill out forms, protocols & checklists 35+% faster
✓ Deliver AI answers from technical files at the touch of a button

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